So You Can...

Our experience-building internship phone application

So You Can... is an app we designed at AYC to help young adults gain workplace experience in whatever field they plan on entering, manage their time, and connect with local businesses. So You Can... is currently undergoing Beta-testing and will be available to the public soon.

AYC has partnered up with about 500 businesses in these cities and is planning on partnering up with more to create a database on the app that students can browse through. All they need to do is find one in their field and apply for an internship through the app.

Once a student has been accepted as an intern, the employer and the student can start to create a calendar in the app for the student's schedule to reference. Every shift is accompanied by a reminder box for the employer to fill out and a comment box for the intern. The app also has a messaging feature to communicate.

So You Can... is an intern's best friend. First of all, search filters make it easy for a student to find the type of internship they're looking for in the field they're pursuing. Second, applying for internships is simple through the app. Third, scheduling and a communication method are provided for ease. And lastly, So You Can... saves basic information about a student's internship for later use.

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So You Can...

An internship matchmaking app, supported by local businesses in your area. Developed specifically to help young adults gain workplace experience while doing what they enjoy. 

 "I learned how to manage my time, figured out what I liked to do, and made connections in my community with So You Can...!"

-Ashley, 18, Beta tester 

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