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Our afterschool programs

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LED Afterschool Club

AYC's Leadership, Education, and Discussion club (LED) places a focus on creating a 'safe space' at school to talk to others about controversial and current topics, share opinions, and develop and demonstrate leadership qualities. Sponsors receive training on how to start the student-run club and how to keep the club school-appropriate and students gain access to a yearly updated list of discussion topics to choose from.

Creative Works Guests

AYC assemblies are programs tailored by lead educators and activists that tour the country, visiting schools that have AYC's LED club. Students are able to learn from college professors, scientists, researchers, social and political activists, writers, artists, and others that are well-respected and hold important positions in their community. These creative works assemblies are optional and speakers are carefully chosen and thoroughly background-checked.

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Get Involved

There are several ways to get Learn AYC into your school. The first is to email your school and spread the word about Learn AYC. Another is to print our School Request Form and bring it to your principal. Another is to email us and let us know you'd like us to reach out to your school/school district.

School Request Form